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L2AND is a platform for connecting designers, artists, fabricators, construction workers, gardeners, creatives, and helping hands with people who are looking to transform their spaces on a collaborative and volunteer basis.

List your project/ space here.

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L2AND believes good spaces improve lives, good ideas are priceless, and everyone deserves good design. 

The making and processes of ideation, production, planting, and construction in collaborations rooted in love and will are planes on which unimaginable potentials of innovation, liberation, and camaraderie will be fostered. 

The projects L2AND hosts will fall under the following 5 main areas: 


1. architecture and/ or interior architecture

2. landscape architecture (indoor and/ or outdoor; private and/ or public)

3. Installation; furniture; product; lighting; sound; performance; art object; concept

4. craft; fabrication; construction; production

5. digital; photography; writing; editing; other

For Project Initiators


From physical spaces and digital spaces to mind/ spiritual spaces, L2AND believes in the magic of co-creation to realize a richer world. No project is too small or too big, no level of participation in bringing the project to life is expected. You are free to submit an application to for your project to be listed on our website at Projects/ Spaces to disclose the information and details for your project to potential collaborators; alternatively, you can approach our listed creative volunteers for direct inquiry. 

For Project Initiators

For Volunteer Participants


What greater joy and privilege in life than acting willingly? Maybe creating a slightly better slice of our world while at it would be one of the answers. 


Volunteering with L2AND isn’t about charity but for fun, adventure, expression, togetherness, and meaning. 


Whether you are an established practice/ company looking to contribute by providing pro bono services to the community, an upcoming creative practitioner/ enthusiast (e.g., student designer, new artist, fabrication apprentice, hobby gardener, amateur carpenter, project manager……) looking to experiment and grow your practice, an individual gifting your valuable time and effort, someone who enjoys making and creating, or a family/ friends group looking for productive pastime activities, L2AND is here to celebrate your wishes.

We appreciate you for participating in the project. Please submit an application to for your profile to be listed on our website at Volunteer to disclose the information and details for your service and availabilities for potential collaboration; alternatively, you can approach our listed project initiators for direct inquiry. 

For Volunteer
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